Steel / Metal Part Fabrication

We fabricate a large variety of metal parts and products according to our customers’ drawings. Typically, each part goes through multiple fabrication stages with various machines involved, ranging from stamping machines and presses, to bending, rollers and drilling machines. Depending on order size and part complexity, the laser cut or stamping method is how we start.

Tooling is always a deciding factor when making manufacturing method decisions. For many items and requirements, we already own a tooling, thus reducing the investment costs for our customers. If we don’t have a suitable tooling, we collaborate with our tool makers on which method and tool to use.

We categorize our steel / metal fabrication services as follows:

Die Casting

Casting requires not only machinery. In fact, it is the labour work that distinguishes and defines quality within die casting products.

We offer a wide range of die cast products with press capacities of up to 800 tonnes and high precision. Our expertise and experience of working with tooling manufacturers enables us to resolve and match customer requirements and technical/machine capabilities.


Most of our extrusion products are based on drawings from OEM customers, in particular for the lighting industry.

Nevertheless, we can also provide a large variety of generic profiles without having to invest in a new mold.

Our standard extrusion products in mill finish are 6.1m in length.

Deburr & Machining

A burr is a raised edge or small piece of material remaining attached to a work piece commonly created by machining operations such as extrusion, die casting or milling.

To deburr an item means to remove such raised edges.

Often deburring accounts for a significant portion of manufacturing costs.

Surface Finishing

The surface finishing gives protection and the product’s final look.

We offer a range of surface finishing including anodising, powder coating, and chrome-plating. These come in different colors and coat thicknesses.

Click here to read more details on our surface finishing.

Our Stamping & Bending Machine Park

  • 7-ton single-station hydraulic press
  • 8-ton 6-station CNC hydraulic and pneumatic press
  • 160-ton, single-station NC press
  • 80-ton stamping NC press
  • CNC press brake for bending
  • Luna CNC aluminium rolling machine
  • Steel rolling machine
  • Aluminium cutting saws