Air Conditioning Components


Condenser Steel Cages

Secure your airconditioning equipment from damage and theft and improve the visual aesthetics!

We manufacture a range of protective and aesthetic cages/casings for external air-conditioning condensers for commercial and residential applications.

  • Any size / customized
  • Perforated or louvre-type
  • Metal in various thickness depending on protective requirements
  • Metal finishing in powder coating (any color) or decorative wood-grained powder coating
  • Flat packaged for easy logitics
  • ​Quick to assemble

Mounting Frames

For rooftop/ground condenser installations, we manufacture a mounting base frame system which allows you to easily extend when needed.

  • Flexible & modular design
  • Supports heavy loads
  • Includes feet with integral rubber mats & drainage channels
  • No ground penetration
  • Flat packaged for easy logistics

Wall Brackets & Drip Trays

For wall-mount applications, we manufacture a range of brackets with loading weight up to 250kg.

  • With or without crossbar
  • Integrated spirit-level
  • Brackets can slide across crossbar
  • Adjustable wall-spacers to level arm
  • Extendable with drip trays below

Steel Cages / Housings

Our weather-protected, steel guards offer protection of externally located air-conditioning condensers against vandalism / accidental damage, and create better visual aesthetics to blend into your environment.