Product Sourcing & Verification

Your One-Stop Solution Center in Asia

As a true OEM partner of our customers, we strive to reduce the overhead and complexity of our customers’ Purchasing Department. We do this by taking care of all aspects starting from a PDF drawing to finished, polished, packed and shipped product or module.

Assembly & Sub-Assembly

We provide assembly services for all components which we have manufactured, procured on behalf of the customer, received from the customer, or a mix of all of the above. 

Product Packaging

We provide individual product packaging according to your specifications.
This includes carton printing, manual printing, and label printing.

​For new products, we can design and prototype a packaging design.

Bulk Packaging

If individual product packaging is not required, we pack the goods for air or sea freight with the following objectives

  • Protect the goods from damage of any kind
  • Compact the good (maximise the number of goods in a given space)
  • Minimize shipping costs

Container Loading

For containers, we use container loading software to organize the load and calculate space and weight. We will review these 3D-rendered container load diagrams with the customer in order to get the customer’s approval.

Export & Import

​We book and arrange all shipping requirements including customs and loading documents.