Our Environmental Policy

Environmental protection, prevention of pollution, and the aim for sustainability are a key focus of our company

Continuous Self-Improvement
We strive to continuously search, identify and implement improvements in our processes and materials to prevent, reduce and control our environment impact on air, water and soil in our daily operations.

Comply With Legal Requirements
We pledge to comply with applicable Environmental Law and legislation, company policies and other requirements related to our environmental aspects.

Involve Every Employee & Supplier
It is the responsibility of every employee for the execution of environment protection. We communicate the environment policy to all staff working for and on behalf our organization, as well as our suppliers wherever possible.

We are committed to reduce any waste leaving our factory. As a manufacturing company, most of our waste is recyclable such as steel, aluminium, brass, wood, cartons and plastic. We therefore collect and separate all production waste which is collected from our factory regularly.

Other non-recycle waste is very little in our company and is disposed off through the proper channels provided by the municipals.